I spend some time each weekend on what I call my “homework” There are two of us (both women who are retired and almost Golden Agers— who do the proof reading for two hometown newspapers each week )
We take homework on Fridays so we can get it read by Monday mornings when the two newsppwers have to be published before noon or earlier.
Today as I did my fairly routine reading of the news copy. I was nearly flattened by what is no doubt a “typo” but it is one of those that could make it into the old Readers’ Digest section called “Pardon Your Slip Is Showing”

Here is an item from a “journey back” column which consists of news items from years ago in increments of ten years at a time. This one came from 70 years ago (1943) during WW 2 when there were a lot of government requirements for rationing of foodstuffs and other goods.

“Registration is underway for War Rationing Book #2. Every housewife must list all commercially processed foods in containers of 8 ounces or more that she has in her panty. She should list all cans, bottles, packages , boxes, or jars of vegetables, fruit juices, catsup, chile, and baby foods whether dry or liquid or frozen before she goes to the schoolhouse to register .”


Two other items in the Journey Back columns were interersting in a historial context.


“—–Brothers (name of a town hardware store) have erected a 30 foot television tower on their roof and will soon have several makes of television sets for sale.”
(Television came into our area in the summer of 1953 when people gathered in front of hardware store windows to watch the fascinating new thing called television through the plate glass windows at 5 p.m. til 6b p.m. when Television went off the air for the day.)

And going further back in history of home entertainment:

January 26, 1923

“Our people are gathering in business places where they have radio sets and loud speakers and are entertained like they never have been before. They can tune into Montreal, Canada, New York , Chicago and Kansas. We are living in an age of advancement.”

I wonder what the modern day folks who have all the high tech bells and whistles on cell phones and other amazing electronic devices would make of such goings on? Sitting in a business place to hear a radio broadcast which was new to the world at the time?? How archaic can it get??

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