It seems like there was an award given out weekly on the old Rowan/Martin TV show of decades ago called THE FLYING FICKLE FINGER OF FATE or something to that effect.
I read a couple of items that makes me want to make a few light hearted comments today.
The first item was about a Russian airline hostess on “Aeroflot” being fired for raising her middle finger at the back of the airliner…to her passengers. I can understand the impulse…many airline passengers are demanding and rude to the hostesses who
“have to take it”. But there are probably a lot of airline attendants who sympathize with the Russian woman, Tatiana Kozlenko. Her mistake was to post a video of the Flying Fickle Finger on some Russian site that must be like Youtube but it was picked up by other websites and it went viral. I have yet to understand why so many young people do these sorts of sharing on public websites but that is another topic.
The result is that Tatiana got herself fired by Aeroflot. A picture of her in her orange uniform shows her to be a very pretty young woman.
The second incident also involved a young woman in a bright orange uniform but this one was a jail coverall. Penelope Soto was brought into Judge Jorge Rodriguez’s courtroom where he questioned her about her assets before setting her bail; I think she was in jail on drug charges and it was said she appeared to be high on something even at this hearing.
She was very BOLD and FORTHRIGHT in her behavior before the judge. When her flippant reply of “A lot” was given in reply to the Judge’s question about her assets, she said she had a car and jewelry as well as a 200 dollar a week job. Bail was set at 5000 dollars but Penelope was sarcastic to the judge with a flippant “Adios” remark and he called her back and raised the bail to 10,000 dollars. She said something like “you have to be kidding” after which the judge advised her that they were in a courtroom and not a comedy club. Penelope then got extremely huffy resulting in the raising of the middle finger…very obviously toward the judge. She got called back to the bench where he sentenced her to 30 days in jail for her rude actions to the Court.
I assume the fiery Miss Soto will sit it out in a Florida jail for the 30 days without any chance of being released. She will have a chance to “come down” off a drug high also.
That FLYING FICKLE FINGER got two young women in heaps of trouble.
That rude gesture is probably known to most conscious people around the world. (Only a person in a coma would not recognize it)
It seems to be a univeral “salute”.

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