Thre is plenty of news and talk each day that focuses on the death and violence culture that we inhabit as a nation. Back at the time of the Civil War—–and long before—those Americans lived in a culture of Torment, Death, Violence and Dishonesty…..that was the national “sin” of Slavery. It took many decades to change that particular mindset and even today there are those who secretly cling to the attitudes that nourished slave holding. Maybe no body aspires to being a slave owner but the negative attitudes toward Blacks and other people of color still remain in secret hidden places of the heart.
But now we live in a nation that harbors another major national sin…..”Legal” Abortion.
Those who are pro-abortion and do not want to ever see Roe v. Wade dismantled have deceived themnselves and others into thinking that the unborn child is not really a living being..from the moment of conception which is the opposing view of those who are Pro- Life. The conflict between these two mindsets had raged for all 40 years since the Supreme Court arbitrarily set
Roe v. Wade into law.
Since that time, over 50 million living souls have been murdered deliberately in what are referred to as abortion “clinics” but a clinic tries to heal people— it does not murder them.
I have read through material from a Pro Life group (LIFE MATTERS WORLDWIDE)
This past Sunday in many churches who oppose abortion, it was Sanctity of Life Day. Our church has a special speaker from “Life Matters” headquarted in Grand Rapids, MI.
Some quotes are worth reading :

“Pro- Life advocates recently announced the closure of an abortion cinic in Brooklyn NY after 22 years. Clinic closures are an encouraging trend. According to one pro-life group there were 2,200 abortion clinics in the U.S. in 1990, now there are 655 left.
It obviously takes a lot of time (and effort) to tear down a hulking edifice founded on the hatred of God, the pleasing of self, and disregard for right to life of tiny others.”
Those are words that Pro- Abortion supporters would despise.

There is more from LIFE MATTERS to upset people who support abortion.

“Abortion is primarily a matter of the heart’s disposition toward God’s gift of life and a rejection of His sovereignty…..God will forgive the sin of abortion but it must be confessed and forsaken. His ears are open to that prayer. {of repentance)
Unconfessed sin leads to other problems in one’s emotional life and in relating to other people. This toll reveals itself in depression, substance abuse, thoughts of— or suicide attempts, divorce and child abuse to name a few.
Abortion has also contributed to a more violent, coarse society. We have embarked down the slippery slope that involves thinking of people as things and of death as a quick solution to life’s difficulties.”

Hard words but words to consider seriously.

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Kay Syvrud

I am a retired elementary "schoolmarm"..I was a school librarian/media director for nearly 25 years before I retired in 2004. Naturally one of my fondest things is reading! I also love reading aloud to young children, something I did for so many years with amazing results; every child wants to read the same book as the teacher read!!!! I also am fond of my gardens...both flower beds and vegetable plots. I love being outdoors....mowing the lawn after my husband has done so with a big lawn tractor...I trim with my small power mower! I have a rain barrel to collect rainwater for plants! I have an old fashioned "pedal" bike I love to ride. I enjoy going to a Silver Sneakers class at a community center about 20 miles from my country home on what I call the "Buffalo Bluff" which overlooks the Buffalo River and its valley below. I LOVE to write and am working on a book for my grandkids so they will always know more about Grandma when she was still "kickin" and "had all her marbles"!!!!