Barney the little Scottish Terrier who lived with Pres.(43) and Laura Bush at the WhiteHouse has died at the age of 12 from lymphoma.
There is an amazing outpouring from Pet Lovers of sympathy and condolences for the Bushes at the death of Barney who was truly a friendly “little fellow” as President Bush described him.
President Bush issued a statement about Barney remembering his fierce loyalty, his armadillo hunting skills when he accompanied the President to a bass fishing spot on the Ranch in Texas, his guarding the White House south entrance “like he was a Secret Service agent, and also memories of Barneys’ Christmas videos and his trips down the White House hallways searching for his friends who gave him treats.
The President also recalled how Barney would spend time at Camp David…chasing golf balls off the greens at that site.
Barney was like all our beloved dogs and pets including our cats. He loved his people unconditionally and always was there to greet them when they had been gone.
There are so many comments to the article…393 of them up to this time and they are kind and sympathetic messages with a few exceptions as always. The “exceptions” got put in their place quicklly by others commenting.
I remember how sorry and sad I felt when President Clinton’s lab “Buddy” died in a car accident. I would feel equally sad and sorry if “Bo” the current First Dog died an untimely death.
Pets are pets….they are parts of our families and part of our hearts. Their deaths leave us empty and sad and we shed tears for them as surely as we shed tears for other departed friends and family.
I am still sad and sorry about my Princess Kitty’s death last summer. It is not easy to “get over it”…not easy at all and it will be sad for George and Laura Bush and all who knew and loved little Barney…for quite some time.
It is worth it to google an article…
“Former First Dog Barney Bush Passes Away at Age 12” …read the 393 (0r more comments at the end of the article)

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