I watched two hours of the Hillary Clinton appearance before the Senate committee this morning.
It is truly an excercise in futility.
It did not take long to figure out which party member was asking the question. Without any identification, I knew which Senator was a Democrat-Liberal and which was a Republican-Conservative.
All the Dems began with a long winded and unneccessary speech which took up most of their allotted time. They all said the same thing….what a wonderful Secretary of State she was, how nobly she had served her country, how much she would be missed. A lot of it was true…but why did each one have to waste so much time saying the same thing over and over and over ad.nauseum.
Answer: AN EXCERCISE IN FUTILITY by Pompous Asses who love to hear themselves talk.
The Republicans got right down to business after acknowledging her service and thanking her for appearing before them. Then it went to the nitty gritty….asking sharp questions about the Benghazi attack and resultant deaths of 4 Americans, the lack of military security at a dangerous displomatic outpost, the lack of getting American military help from as close as Sicily or Italy……Clinton became angry and testy when Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin kept pushing the issues. Senator John McCain zeroed in and asked even more piercing questions about Benghazi and the state of the seemingly hapless state department at present. Hillary did not appreciate those questions either.
The Republicans wasted little time ; the Dems wasted most of their time singing praises to Hillary and feeding her softball stuff.
It appears that such Senate and House committee inquiries are carefully planned by each party with agreement on each one’s “talking points.”
I heard the same things over and over this morning….same things from Dems. and same things from Repubs….with the exception of Senator McCain and Senator Paul who really skewered the S.O.S. on matters that went so badly awry at Benghazi and lately in Algeria when Americans were part of the hostages in that incident.
Clearly the North African countries are the new frontline for Al Quaida even though Pres. Obama has declared that terrorist band to be defeated. The evidence shows otherwise but this president lives in his own private bubble and tries to drag people like HIllary Clinton into it also.
The entire government in Washington DC seems to fit the description of An Excercise in Futility.
Hillary Clinton is competent but she is imprisoned by serving in such an adminisgtration. She would have been a much better president.

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  • KennyD says:

    You know, as a conservative Republican, I never thought I would ever say that Hillary would be a better president than anybody, but compared to what occupies the office at present, I have to agree with you. It will be a long long time, if ever, before the country recovers from the wounds inflicted by the present occupant of the oval office.

    • Kay Syvrud says:

      My thoughts exactly Kenny..I am so concerned for the terrible effects on our nation by this president and his administration and his “sheeple” who can see no wrong in anything he does—turning our nation into an unrecognizeable socialist..nearly communist entity with his plans for “change”.
      We are in a dangerous time. My biggest concern is the nature of our present electorate (more than half) who seem to be incapable of discernment or wisdom.


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