..has been called the best medicine and I believe it. Once before I retired, we had an early 9 a.m. student lyceum at school and it was a very funny ventriloquist. As part of his program he got some students out on his stage and used them as his “dummies” by telling them to move their mouth when he patted their heads. The results were so funny I nearly croaked from laughing. Later, I noticed that I felt really terrific that day in spite of a heavy schedule and decided it was all the laughing early in the morning that made the difference.
I proof read this morning for 2 newspapers that we publish for 2 towns.
I love to read one columnist who is nearly 90 years old and very sharp— as well as still very active in her town. This week she wrote about a book she read about the value of laughter in one’s life that was written by a 77 year old lady who describes herself as “A Swedish Lutheran Widow” of a pastor…the author humorously described how she became a humorous writer and a performing Comedienne in the area. The author said she took one look at her husband’s ELCA pension check and decided to get funny.

The author was also quoted by our columnist as describing herself to her pastor as being legally blind in one eye and having two hearing aids. However she said this to the pastor:
“I am thankful to be old and alive even if I am blind in one eye and can’t hear—–at least I can still drive.”
(everyone get off the road when she comes through)

Another good story from “Marilyn”” the book’s author is about her teen age son’s girlfriend ….Marilyn” asked him what the girlfriend’s name was and he said:
“Youwoodenknowher IfItoldja”
The mother replied “She sounds like she is either Middle Eastern or Russian.”

The author also told about her brother in law who stuttered badly. He sent out Christmas cards that said
“J-j-j-j Joy!”
I love to read that columnist’s writing. It is something I look forward to every week when I do my proof reading.
Oh– one more from the 77 year old Swedish Lutheran author:

“It is better to have laughed and leaked than never to have laughed at all”

(there are lots of women “of an age” who truly “get” that gag!!!)

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