I have been holding it in for days but I can’t do it any more.
I have to GET PERSONAL about a couple of politicians that are so frequently in the news recently.
CHRIS CUOMO, governor of New York:
Every picture of him lately makes him look like a Madman..frothing at the mouth, his hair wild..his mouth so wide open shouting about gun control that it appears you could insert a good sized cantaloupe in it or even a full- size football. I know the man cannot control his genetics but having a large cavity for a mouth ought to make one cautious about opening it so wide even if you are all pumped up and in full cry before the legislature of New York.
It is positively scary.

CHRIS CHRISTIE, governor of New Jersey:
Nobody should vote for this politican again under any circumstances. He looks so unhealthy (obese) that he appears to be the Hindenberg wearing a two piece suit with a shirt and tie.
I would not dare vote for anyone who looks like he might explode any minute.
You could lose your governor/senator/ president in an instant of eruption of a body that has been too abused to go on.

There I let it all out… I am guilty of getting very personal with Cuomo and Christie. But I am very sincere.

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