Michael Barone is a long time observer and commentator at Washington, D.C.
He writes columns for several outlets and his latest one is titled “Ivory Tower Obama Can’t Abide Views He Doesn’t Share”

This is not news to those who have been observing over the past 4 years what this president had done and how he does it. His press conference this past Monday was revealing; he was surly and filled with defiance ..clearly out to humiliate and destroy Republicans rather than govern the country.
Bob Woodward (another long time Washington writer and observer) wrote a book titled THE PRICE OF POLITICS. Woodward also observed the President’s obvious dislike of any views that do not agree with his own.
Obama’s flat- out statement that he will not negotiate over the debt ceiling is just another nail in his political coffin, ultimately. He has refused to negotiate ANYTHING with those who disagree with him from the time he took office up til now. When it came to having to listen to other’s views on gun control recently, he would not do it..he turned it over to Vice President Joe Biden.
It is really disturbing to know that the president of this country has this sullen attitude about negotiating..and pretty much anything else that does not go his way. He seems to have stored up a great deal of bitterness and anger and it comes out in times like his press conference when he clearly showed his hand. He does not know HOW to negotiate nor will he even begin to learn how to do it. He simply wants things to go his way all the time and when he gets any opposition he acts like he did at his press conference..attack and blame and deny and refuse to do anything that resembles negotiation. I do not think we have had such a president ever….but I cannot speak for long past history…I know that other presidents in the 20th century did not refuse to negotiate with their opponents…they would meet with opposition leaders (the best example was Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill) and hash out a lot of differences and try to come to agreement that would work for the good of the country. But Obama will not do this. He has no interest in the good of the country.
He behaves like a spoiled child or adolescent and I am fearful that is what he truly is….an immature adolescent who wants his way— or else. He is prepared to take revenge on anyone or any group who does not see things exactly his way. Now he is out to “get” the Repulblican party whom he hsa deemed his greatest enemy.
The strange nomination of Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary is indicative of some sort of strange twist in Obama’s thinking–or is it? Hagel is a former legislator with nothing at all to his credit and his views on Israel and Iran are positively dangerous for our nation.
He cares little for maintaining defense spending for our millitary and will progbably strip it down to vulnerable levels ..we will be wide open to our enemies who will see what is going on with a D.O.D. like the one Hagel is going to “lead”.(if he is confirmed)

It will take real legislation to deal with issues like illegal immigration, the debt ceiling and gun control. But the President is unwilling to negotiate the differences between him and the opposition. He is far more interested in “sticking it to” Republicans and any others he has decided are his enemies.
There are a majority of people in the Opposition who want to see legislation on the issues that are crucial to our nation but they know that negotiation is a necessary part of it. What to do when a President refuses to negotiate or even listen to anyone who does not share his views exclusively??
We are in for a rough ride. Our national interests are not what the President is concerned about–he is only concerned with having his own way at all times–without any negotiation.
And to complicate things further, he suffers from being a political Idealogue determined to have his way on his agenda only.
We have a petulant spoiled adolescent sitting in the Oval Office…and that is a most dangerous position we have ever been in.

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