Today’s FORUM had an article about a man named Abraham Clifford Wilson who went on a crime spree and robbed more than once place. He was apprehended in south Moorhead after a high speed chase by police. (a danger in itself)
His probation officer had this to say about Wilson and his proclivities to rob banks and other places.
“The probabtion officer said that Wilson has a history of robbery when he is off his medication and smoking marijuana…”
OK so my question is this: If this man has such a history and is “on medication” which I assume is for mental problems/illness and is free to go “off his medication” and also to take up smoking marijuana…why is he not institutionalized/hospitalized instead of running around free on our streets with one probation officer in charge of what he does? Do probation officers follow such people around all the time?
I highly doubt it.
There is currently so much outcry about the effects of mental illlness on the recent outbreaks of murders at theaters and schools. How can allowing these mentally ill people roam free and “get off their medications” be of any use? How does this protect the public from either chronic robbers or murdurers?
The turning out of mentally ill people from being kept in hospitals or other institutions seems to be one Super Sized Mistake and I would like to know whose idea it was to do this?
Having mentally ill people responsible for themselves is not only foolish ..it is dangerous for those who live in a society assuming thery are protected from such dangers. These sick people are incapable of taking care of themselves.
I have been personally acquainted with such a person….a person who suffered from serious mental illness was put out of the protective environment she belonged in and ended up wandering the streets in a haze of non-medication and confusion. This person ended up being the object of a missing persons alert and search— due not taking the medication needed to control the serious mental condition. I do not know where this ended up, but if this person is still not hospitalized it will lead to another disaster.
Mentally ill people are not able to take care of themselves and take the needed medications on their own. A social worker or probation officer with multiple persons assigned to them cannot possibly take care of so many people who need daily help and support.. help that they got when they were intitutionalized.
If this is an example of what the rest of the nation is like…..we are in danger and will continue to be.
Talking about “doing something” about mentally ill people or forming task forces of talking people…. is one thing…actually doing something that helps them is not being done, obviously.

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13 thoughts on “I HAVE A QUESTION”

  1. Here is the answer to your question: We don’t put these people in institutions or hospitals because of the ideology of no universal healthcare and smaller government and lower taxes. Putting these people in an institution or hospital costs taxpayer money and mandates bigger government. Back in the 1980s, the North Dakota State Hospital had upwards of 2000 patients. Today it’s less than 200. In the mean time, taxes got lower, the rich got richer, and those with mental problems were left to their own devices, and now we see the result of it.

  2. Oh, and you ask “The turning out of mentally ill people from being kept in hospitals or other institutions seems to be one Super Sized Mistake and I would like to know whose idea it was to do this?” That would be the small government/low tax Republicans, that’s who.

    1. Oh I keep forgetting! It is all George Bush’s fault along with the always Evil Republicans.
      Cobra…..Call Barry O and have him issue another of his presidential edicts so the problem can be solved instantly. We do not need any Congressional input you know….we are becoming a Dictatorship rapidly.

      1. No, it’s not Bush’s fault, at least not exclusively. This has happened over the past 20-30 years, and not just at the federal level. In North Dakota, the decision was made to butcher human services because it was deemed as a waste of taxpayer money by the Republican controlled state government.

      2. Oh, and by the way, maybe you can tell me who is acting more like a dictator, Obama who is operating completely within the bounds of the law, or right wing activist James Yeager, who is threatening murder if Obama takes legal actions Yeager doesn’t agree with?

        1. You judge all conservatives by the words and actions of one person; not too wise for sure. but that is what Liberal talking points consist of….vicious attacks, and guilt by association among other scurrilous things.
          I hope your venting has relieved some of your obvious pressure to attack attack attack.
          Are you really Mike Mhyre disguising yourself?????

          1. Hey, I just asked a question. Personally, I find James Yeager a whole lot more like a dictator than Obama. And I don’t think he speaks for all conservatives, but he certainly speaks for a large percentage of hard core right wing tea party types.

  3. People were released from mental institutions because the liberal left thought that by not allowing these people freedom to make their own choices, was not the proper thing to do. So people who can “manage” their lives while on medication must be allowed to live free. Nobody stopped to think about the person’s ability to manage their medications !!!! And just look at what happened to the Mom out East, did try to get her son to toe the line?? You can bet she sure did cuz she was trying to get him in an institition. She was the first one he took out ………….

    1. Nice attempt at history revisionism. Liberals fought against the defunding and destruction of human services, and right wing Republicans fought to butcher human services. The Republican ideology of less taxes and smaller government dictates that we throw these mentally ill people out on the streets and leave them to their own devices – I think “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” is the Republican talking point used as justification. In case you don’t know, treating and housing mentally ill people costs taxpayer money and requires hiring more mental health professionals – in other words, BIGGER government. We had that debate 20-30 years ago and the liberals lost, and now we see the result.

      1. I hope Cobra, that you are feeling better now that you have managed to hiss and spit your venom.
        You are a very Angry Liberal and are among a multitude of such people.

        1. Thanks for diagnosing my feelings for me, but at least I am not threatening to kill people like those on your side of the political fence.

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