No I am not a gourmet cook who only does fancy French dishes. But a very nice Christmas gift I got was a French Press coffee pot. I absolutely love my little French coffee maker…have not used my Mr Coffee electric coffeemaker much since Dec. 24 because it is so much fun to use my French Press pot.
I had admired these little coffee presses for a long time often cruising into CREATIVE KITCHEN and gazing at the ones on display. Since I make it my habit not to buy things that are not absolutley necessities, I only gazed.
But a good friend had been with me on one of the Creative Kitchen gazing cruises and she gave me the little French Press pot for a gift. She is a great friend and and an observant one.
She has often given me things she knows I admire but will not buy for myself..that is a leftover trait of being raised post – Great Depression by parents who went through it and were always frugal and sensible about buying things. “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”.
So I have done without a lot in my life and been perfectly content doing so.
The French Press makes coffee like nothing else I have tasted. It requires “roughly ground” coffee so I use the roasted beans and my little coffee grinder (from Wal Mart!) I am also using a lovely gift from my oldest grandson and his Sweetheart….roasted coffee beans done by her uncle in Appleton, Wisconsin. The uncle has a coffee roasting business in his home and the beans are wonderfully fragrant and make delicious coffee.
So I am benefitting from 3 wonderful, thoughtful people every time I drink a cup of French Press coffee (which I am doing right now!)

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