Robert Burns wrote the words to “Auld Lang Syne” in 1788 and it was set to the music of a Scots’ folk song soon after. In the United States bandleader Guy Lombardo made it popular with his orchestra playing it live on New Year’s Eve just as the new year came in at midnight. The broadcast from New York of Lombardo’s orchestra playing “Auld Lang Syne” was a feature of the new year for many decades. It is still heard from NY on New Years’ Eve but I doubt if it is “live” like Lombardo’s rendition was.

“Should Auld Acquaintance be forgot/ and never brought to mind? Should Auld Acquaintance be forgot and Auld Lang Syne?”
So familar to many of us “of an age”. I learned it when I was a child from hearing adults sing it and also from listening to the radio broadcasts from New York on New Years’ Eve.
“Auld Acquaintance” means “old friendships” and the first line of the song asks the question should such friendships be forgotten or ignored?
Of course the answer is NO—- they should not be forgotten.
It is good advice. Friendships are so important to people—and even to animals who cherish friendships also.
Friendships should be kept up to date…person to person, by letter or telephone or email, in whatever way you can do it. The loneliest people are those who do not have many friendships.
We renewed some friendships today–one very old one (over 40 years) and one fairly new longer than two years. Two familes came for Swedish Pancakes this morning and we had a wonderful afternoon with these friends who are Auld Acquaintances, truly.

The friends of more than 40 years are about to leave for their winter stay in Hawaii where the days are all the same…sushine mixed with rain and about 72 degrees every day. It is an ideal spot especially in the rural area where they live in wintertime.
The other family are still young with a preteen son. They are newer friends who were born and raised in China and are now living in the U.S. as PhD’s in specialized sciences…one is a researcher and one is a college professor.
They love their lives in the United States but still visit China to see their families.
These are both precious friendships and we had a wonderful Auld Lang Syne today just two days before the New Year.

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Kay Syvrud

I am a retired elementary "schoolmarm"..I was a school librarian/media director for nearly 25 years before I retired in 2004. Naturally one of my fondest things is reading! I also love reading aloud to young children, something I did for so many years with amazing results; every child wants to read the same book as the teacher read!!!! I also am fond of my gardens...both flower beds and vegetable plots. I love being outdoors....mowing the lawn after my husband has done so with a big lawn tractor...I trim with my small power mower! I have a rain barrel to collect rainwater for plants! I have an old fashioned "pedal" bike I love to ride. I enjoy going to a Silver Sneakers class at a community center about 20 miles from my country home on what I call the "Buffalo Bluff" which overlooks the Buffalo River and its valley below. I LOVE to write and am working on a book for my grandkids so they will always know more about Grandma when she was still "kickin" and "had all her marbles"!!!!