I might have said one too many times that I have had little to no sickness since retiring from the Jungle of Germs that is a public school.
This past weekend I had to eat all those words……I got SICK and ached all over so badly that even my fingernails ached! That was it…bad aching and a tiredness that caused me to sleep most of a 24 hour period..and when I woke up briefly, it was only to moan and groaned about aching and hurting and being so miserable.
I am sure it was some sort of thing that is “going around” was not the real flu that people fear in winter..that is the respiratory and really dangerous flu for which people take vaccinations ( I do not— after getting sicker from the vaccine than the flu itself)
It was kind of instructive to be laid out like a giant oak tree that had been felled by an axeman …well, not a giant oak tree..more like a spindly soft wooded poplar! A poplar that was already kind of dessicated by age and high winds.
My cousin Duane is still right: getting older is not for sissies.
I think I “got it” either by being in a crowd of people at a concert at a school in Fargo or by being at our church fellowship’s Christmas party and dinner last Friday. It was worth it if it was either of those places that I picked it up……our church party is so much fun…..over 100 adults were there of all ages and we had a wonderful 3- team game of “pictionary” after the meal and the program from missionaries we support.
I have never laughed so hard at the “drawings” or the guesses at what had been drawn…..we were pretty sharp though..none of the teams got “skunked”…some Sharpie among us always got it right.
As for ” picking up things” that make you sick and miserable— it is the time of year that it happens..annually.
Get in with a crowd and you are in the midst of a sea of viral crud….if you have a strong immune system you will not be “felled”.
“Burning the candle at both ends” contributes to my ailment…I need to get a lot of sleep all the time and if I do not, I am a yawning chasm to receive viral junk that makes me sick.
I did some “candle burning” last week by promising too many things to too many people and it was not a smart thing to do…I am now heartily reformed and will not do that again….at least not til summertime.

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