Well..not a scattershot around the world—- that is for sure. But sometimes I have to comment on a lot of things in one blog.

I read that North Korea is “postponing” its much publicized launch of a missile that could be capable of reaching the US if they could ever get it to work.
The postponement could also be due in part to Japan’s declaration that they would shot it down if it were launched.
“Chicken Little” the Korean leader of a long line of Kims probably has a minimum of courage.

A report by Judicial Watch has uncovered yet another WhiteHouse dodge or coverup about Malia Obama’s spring vacation to Mexico last March to the tune of 115,500.00 dollars of our taxpayer money. Like mother like daughter, apparently. Michelle Obama’s infamous vacations with her friends to Spain and South Africa cost a pretty penny also; Spain cost US taxpayers a cool 476,000 dollars for travel, secret service and other expenses including very “toney” hotels in Spain that cost over 1000.00 per night. Her vacation to South Africa along with her staff cost 424,000 dollars of US taxpayers money. Get it while you can, must be Moochelle’s motto.
The most interesting part of this report is that the Obama administration is withholding public records about the spring break trip for Malia and her friends. A lawsuit by Judicial Watch hopes to force the White House to comply with the Freedom of Information Act. Of course when you have things you want to keep hidden which seems to be the hallmark of the Obamas, you do not comply and have to go thru legal fights to keep it hidden.
The presidents’ secretiveness about all his past records is suspcious enough (college transcripts and other records) but hiding taxpayer costs for frivolous vacation trips reaches a new level.

The pictures today of a little monkey in an expensive winter coat wandering around in a shopping mall were both “aw fer cute” type responses but also where were his owners? Shopping I guess and the monkey escaped from the car he was in. He was also wearing a diaper it was reported.

Felled by a bug: I spend two days aching so badly even my fingernails hurt…and.being so tired that I slept for nearly a 24 hour period with few breaks which convinced me that I was actually sick …I haved heard of this sort of going around thing before but have not had it for a long time…..time caught up after I did a “Hamster On A Wheel” routine for 2- 3 days last week. I cannot do that anymore. Getting older is not for sissies cousin is right.

It is time to for another Lefse Factory for Christmas next week and plans are being laid for the big roll out and fry day. It will be another family affair.

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