In this morning’s news there is an article about the situation in Greek hospitals due to the economic crisis in that nation which affects everything and every citizen…perhaps we should heed the warning to not go the way that Greece had gone economically and socially and politically.
The article said that Greek hospitals are more dangerous places now than staying at home during illness..however some surgeries and hospitalization for severe injuries cannot be avoided.
The severe lack of common measures like strict hygenic practices has gone missing in Greek hospitals…staff without gloves or proper hygenic washing routines has developed to the disadvantage of patients. Greece already had one of the highest rates of HAI in the world (hospital acquired infection)
This subject has been of great interest to me for many years since I have been personally acquainted with people who had an HAI from being in a hospital, having surgery. It is no wonder that hospitals now pump patients full of powerful antibiotics
as a routine measure. This leads to worse things like severe fungal infections from antibiotic overkill of good bacteria needed in the body.
Years ago before antibiotics existed, hospital staffs had to rely on a high degree of cleanliness, hygenic practices and conscientious staff.
Now with antibiotics…. hospitals can become careless about hygenic practice and I have seen it for myself in several instances.
MY reading led me to look up a couple of things: I googled “hospital acquired infections” and got several things that were worth reading:

“HOSPITAL ACUIRED INFECTIONS BECOMES A LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN USA” Statistics show that 270 people a day die from HAIs.

Another helpful piece was titled

Both are rather chilling and leads to a hope that one will NOT have to be hospitalized at all..ever.

I recall some humorous “wag” once said that the best health insurance is “Don’t Get Sick” and that is a pretty honest assessment if only we could guarantee ourselves that sort of health insurance.

It is well worth it to research ways to maintain your own health by practices that include learning about nutritional methods and also supplements (non prescription of course and non-recommended by MDs whose practice is to treat AFTER illness sets in.)
I have been doing this for decades and I am highly satisfied with managing my own wellness in the ways mentioned above. Alternative healthcare professionals such as DCs, ODs and NDs are helpful in learning how to do this for your own health.
Flu season is here and the MN dept of health is reporting a very bad outlook in our state for flu outbreaks. I am armed and ready with my “Immunizen” product plus other trusted ways of keeping healthy in this winter flu season.
I do not put any faith in flu vaccines at all…..many of them do not protect from the current batch of flu viruses which change rapidly from month to month. The vaccine itself can cause bad effects on the human body. I once became very ill from the flu vaccine and have not had one since that time.
BUYER BEWARE! Take charge of your own health and wellness.

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