For years since reading a Canadian study about mammograms I have been suspicious enough to forego this test as it is recommended by American MDs.
The Canadian study contained data that suggested that mammograms… by their use of radiation…might be a factor in the development of breast cancer. Radiation is deleterious to the human body–so why submt to a barbaric test that not only crushes delicate tissue but exposes it to radiation? That has been my reason for being suspicious of mammograms. If a test like this was developed for testicular cancer, men would run in the opposite direction as fast as they could.
It is well worth it to read today’s FORUM article.
I have had friends who have gone through the agony of biopsies only to learn that there was a harmless fluid filled cyst that showed up on a mammogram as something dangerous. The article says that many woman have received surgery and chemotherapy that was totally unneccessary due to mammograms.
I have thought for a long time that this test is yet another money maker for clinics and hospitals that frightens women into taking them on an annual or semi annual basis, probably doing more harm than good.
The article also said that there may be a similar message about PSA tests for men. For one thing I have learned that palpitating the prostate gland is a way to produce false negative tests but physicians wil not hear of giving the blood test without first doing the invasive prostate exam..which may also lead to false test numbers. Another good money-maker and scare tactic?
I am not one to run to doctors and have unnecessary invasive tests done nor am I willing to take prescription meds which have terrible side effects. I check with other sources first..especially with a pharmacist who knows so much more than an MD it is disgraceful that MDs prescribe with too little knowledge of the drugs they are recommending. It used to be based largely on the latest visits from drug reps of big pharma conpanies.
DEcades ago I determined that I was the one who made decisions about my healthcare and have done many positive truly preventive things since the 1980’s.
BUYER BEWARE applies to your health care as well as to many other parts of your life.
The FORUM’S editorial today gives its blessing to holding BLACK on a family holiday like Thanksgiving. The commercialized season for holidays is way overdone and unfortunately people buy into it and shop frantically in huge crowds of others who buy into it.
It is a sad commentary on our current culture.

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  1. Kay, Thank you for writing this today, and I agree 100% with you. As I am approaching the big 7 – 0, I can say that I have never had a mammogram and for the exact reasons you mention. I have always had health insurance that would cover the test or at least the bulk of it, but I was brought up in part by a very wise Grandmother who taught me at a very young age that “the girls” should never be subjected to harsh treatment. And this was long before mammograms even were thought of. I never could understand how smashing them, and many times so harshly that woman have had to take pain meds prior to the test, on a yearly basis would be good them. I wonder if many of the cancers they come up were actually caused, in part, by yearly smashing. I now find it amusing that with Obamacare kicking in, and ALL tests having to be paid for without co-pays, mammograms may no longer be needed. Yearly doctor visits are also on the chopping block — healthy adults only need to visit their doc every 3 years or so — is now being touted. Now it comes out how Obamacare is going to add so many more to the ranks of the insured. It will be interesting to see how this all comes out, over time.

    1. I am approaching my “daiomond jubilee ” year and am glad I have not gone thru the mammograms for a long time. I think I am healthier for not having them.

  2. For years I have thought that one day it might be found that mammograms might cause cancer!

    I have noticed lately, too, that now we are being told that some of the tests that we had been told are necessary, are no longer necessary to do as often. Ha ha – isn’t it strange that now with Obama care these beginning forms of “rationing” are happening? Why am I not surprised?

  3. I gave up mammograms four years ago and wish it would’ve been alot sooner! I find that the majority of breast cancer survivors and/or patients have found the “lump” themselves….and usually shortly lafter having had a mammogram that found nothing. Do your own study; ask people.
    this is scary!!

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