…..and Farewell to Sno Balls, Ding Dongs, Cupcakes and Wonder Bread.
The Hostess company that made all these sweet, preservative – laden treats is bankrupt thanks to a Union strike and demands that are too great to be met.
So Hostess chose to go out of business leaving hundreds of workers jobless.
They can join the burgeoning numbers on the jobless rolls that grow with each new report…if the Obama administration will release them truthfully–do not count on that.

Twinkie lovers must be sorrowing.
It makes me think back to the Twinkie lovers in my family. My sons like Twinkies but I would not buy them on principle, so they saved their money and bought them when they had enough dough for the dough.
One of them was determined to NOT let his brothers find his precious package of Twinkies so he hid them in a most unlikely place….way back in an under- the- sink- bathroom space with doors that shut so as to not reveal the hidden Twinkies.
Alas…he forgot his own Twinkies and a year or more later I was housecleaning in that bathroom and found the Twinkies.
I gave them to the son who hid them and they were just as fresh and soft and delicious as the day he hid them about one year from the day I found them.
Let’s hear it for now-gone Twinkies….and the preservatives that kept them so well!!!

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