Every time I see another front page article complete with colored photos in our local/regional version of the grocery store tabloids, I feel sick— and long for the days of truly good journalism. The stable of young “journalists”…. ( and I use that term loosely..what in God’s name are they teaching them in current journalism schools?)…loves to write gossipy, sensational puff pieces like the current rage for several days..i.e. “Barnesville boy(s) denied confirmation by the Catholic Church”

So what? The Catholic Church IS A CHURCH and can make decisions based on their church doctrine without anyone like the forever- “cub” reporters from Fargo taking them to task with their National Enquirer type writing.
If the Catholic Church in Barnesville or anyplace else sees fit to deny such rites to the boys being open activists for the gay marriage amendment in Minnesota— so be it.
The Catholic Church is opposed to such marriage and also the leading church opposing abortion (ie. murder of unborn babies) ; they have the guaranteed First Amendment rights to do so..with no whining articles from the inane reporters at our ONLY regional newspaper.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an alternative newspaper?

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