It IS a hook moon night…..there is a small thin slice of moon hovering in the southwestern sky. Last night it was even thinner and very low on the horizon, almost like it was lying on the ground. But appearances are deceiving, especially when the moon is involved.
HOOK MOON NIGHT is a book: one that I bought for our school library and read aloud from to fifth graders who ate it up!!!
Kids loved to have a teacher read aloud to them. I recall the books read aloud to my class in grade school…TOM SAWYER read by our third grade teacher; BILLY AND BETSY in second grade. CALICO GIRL in fourth grade.
Children are greatly encouraged to read for themselves when they hear a good story read by an adult. I fiercely resisted suggestions for buying some sort of thing that would “read” to children…..No Way! said I…..if anyone reads to the students…. it will be me!!!
Kids relate to adults who read to them and I know it spurs their interest in reading for themselves.
HOOK MOON NIGHT has an extended title:
SPOOKY TALES FROM THE GEORGIA MOUNTAINS and the title story had a “hook moon” as part of the scariness of it….according to Native American people in the Georgia mountains, a “hook moon” is shaped like a fish hook and is usually positioned so it might “hold water.
Native peoples made up stories and legends to teach things, to relate scary things… often to keep children from wandering into the woods alone, but mostly for entertaining the listeners since the original stories were oral ..told by storytellers to the listeners who sat around glowing campfires on dark nights. I can imagine that animal or bird sounds..like hooting owls or howling coyotes only added to the spookiness of the oral stories told by master storytellers of the camp or the tribe.
I remember reading HOOK MOON NIGHT to those students whose hair was standing on end and when I had to put the bookmark in to mark our place, there were cries of “Don’t stop!” ……”Keep on reading it, Mrs. Syvrud!”
We always got back to it and finished stories even if we could not do it in just one library session.
It was the best part of my being the librarian/media person at our school…reading aloud to students who loved to hear it done and begged to get the book for themselves later.

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