POST ELECTION: 4 days and counting

I have about 4-5 pieces that I recommend reading, online.
Two are about the fallout of the election of 2102.
One is about the awful rise in food stamp use in this nation….poverty and joblessness like unto the Great Depression
One is a very complete coverage of the smarmy David Petraeus resignation and all the fallout it is going to cause…can you say Major Scandal in our present government?

1.”Foodstamp Surge By Most In One Year To All Time Record” ( by Tyler Durden)

2. “Why I Despair” (Charles Cooke)

3. “The Edge of the Abyss” (M. Steyn)

4.”Obama Coverup Claim Over CIA Chief’s Affair” (London Daily Telegraph, 11- November 2012)

There are many many links on this site to more about the scandal about Petraeus and the O. Administration.

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