I just heard the radio ad again (for the hundreth time) that promotes a “program” called Total Transformation.
It is touted by the woman who has developed this NEW program for dealing with a son who tells her he hates her.
She tells of the hatred expressed by her son…. and—- oh, dear…she had to think up a program to deal with such talk and such hatred and such a “poor word choice”. (Nyuk Nyuk)
Her name is Janet Lehman and she is a “doctor” who claims to be some sort of therapist..maybe a behavioral modification therapist.

I have some insight into such a “program” which, no doubt, will ultimately cost an interested person who wants to get it— some significant bucks. She says it is free but do you believe that? I don’t.
Here is my view: (some of you can stop reading now)
TOTAL TRANSFORMATION begins when a baby is very young..probably before he/she reaches age 1.
The Mom and Dad of this NON-total transformation child are the instructors and they excercise TOTAL consistency. They teach their baby that the baby is NOT IN CHARGE of the parents in ways that a baby can understand…no brutal spanking or such things…just gentle consistent teaching of respect, obedience, and other positive characteristics that they want their child to learn and display throughout its life.
I did this “program” with my 3 sons and so did my husband. They were TOTALLY TRANSFORMED by the time they were ready to start school.
Home-schooled TOTAL TRANSFORMATION children have a lot of signs of being TOTALLY TRANSFORMED.

<< They learn to control their temper and other emotions that cause a lot of havoc in home. (example: a 2 year old puts on a full blown temper tantrum when he was taken home from a play place where he had spent at least 2 hours with his little rider jeep. His face was as red as his little snowsuit when his Dad carried him, kicking and screaming into his home. He was deposited (gently) on the kitchen floor where he continued to scream and pound the floor with his little fists and feet. The parents quietly went into a bedroom whre another son (infant) was asleep—- and shut the door and sat down on a bed. The screaming continued for another two minutes until the 2 year old noticed that nobody was around to watch him have his tantrum. He stopped screaming and got up and came looking for his parents. Parents came out of the room and helped him get his snowsuit off. It was the end of that tantrum and there never was another one.


Same two year old: Ran madly down a sidewalk outside a student living building and went for some kids who were playing across a street down the block. His dad pursued him and caught him before he crossed the street (without any looking side- to- side because he was too young to understand that concept) His Dad got a willow switch off a tree at the end of the sidewalk and used it on the legs of the two – year old as they returned. With each stinging switch on the legs (not brutal, no anger..just a steady drumbeat of “you do not run away and cross the street” (whack) and so on for a half a block. He never tried that again..lesson learned in the way of the Home School version of the TOTAL TRANSFORMATION program.
< Parents teach young children to speak respectfully to them , to their siblings and to other people..especially other adults like grandparents and any older people.

< < Gifts are modest and not abundant for a Home Schooled TOTAL TRANSFORMED child.
They learn the principle of waiting to get something they want…by saving their own money or by understanding that their parents cannot and will not buy them their heart’s desire unless the parents can afford it. TOTAL TRANSFORMATION kids learn this principle by the time they are about 3 years old, and they understand and respect it.

I wonder if DOCTOR Lehman ever used any of these principles with her nasty mouthy son? Probably not. She waited til the kid got so bad she got desperate
and had to think up a “program”she could shill for on radio.

ADDED AT 9:35 P.M. (I forgot it earlier)

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”
(a Proverb)

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