Obama: 59,971, 178
Romney: 57,304, 430

We now live in a divided nation. There is NO MANDATE….only more gridlock and congressional dysfunction and administrative dysfunction for which we can look forward into the next 4 years.
My first reaction: I do not want to live in this divided nation any longer.

I spent time exloring some concepts which we may see emerge.

If you wish to google these:

“Fiat Government by Executive Orders”

“The Obama you voted for is not running the country”(posted Sept 12, 2012)

“”The Presidential Fiat: a disturbing trend”

“Overreach: Obamacare vs the Constitution”
by Charles Krauthammer

‘Obama’s Law: waivers, executive orders and presidential fiat”

None of these are today’s articles; all were written in the recent past.

So far Barack Obama has issued 141 executive orders in his first term.

You can see a list of them too if you google “Obama’s executive orders”.

With the Congress as divided as it was in the past years, what will we see when the House and the Senate go into Gridlock again?
Governmnent by Fiat? Government by executive order? We could be veering toward a virtual dicatatorship if such a thing occurs as time passes.
It bodes badly for our nation.
This election was much too close. We are a truly divided nation nearly 50-50.
It is a scenario for destruction or a scenario for so- far- unseen cooperation between goverment branches.
Which way we go determines whether we survive as a free people and a free country.
I have many other questions about the results of the election but I cannot ask them today.

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  • bonita grewal says:

    Man are you negative. I won’t be reading your column anymore.

    • Kay Syvrud says:

      Bonita if you want to “pick up your marbles” and leave (be childish) be my guest!
      I think I am only being realistic. Watch it unfold til 2016.

  • I mean, we would still be divided that way if Romney won… it’s not like he was this great, charismatic unifying character. Believe in what you believe in, but at the end of the day, accept things for what they are.

    • Kay Syvrud says:

      Unfortunately I think you are right ZKatherine. We are so divided now after 4 years of class warfare and deliberate racial division that it may be with us for decades and decades. Negativism does not go away quietly especially when there is a steady drumbeat of it.

  • farside says:

    I know what you mean..it would be better for us as a Nation (indivisible with liberty and justice for all)
    United States..seems like we are not United except in unemployment and poverty.
    I am wondering what this once great nation will be like in 4 more years:(

  • remrafdn says:

    After an important triumph against an enemy of Rome, a general would parade through the streets of the capital. Someone was assigned the task of standing behind the victor in his chariot to hold the crown of laural and oak above the conqueror’s head. The companion had another role. He was to repeat the words “remember, thou art mortal”. Not even a Roman general could live to conquer forever.


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