In what seems to me to be advancing “statism” and onerous commands about a highly personal choice, the state of Colorado has issued orders to hospital employees:
Get a flu shot or lose your job.
Google this: “Hospital Employees jobs in jeopardy if they don’t get flu shots”
as reported by CBS in Denver on Oct 4, 2012.
I know that hospitals are desperate to keep their employees working during flu season when many flu patients get hospitalized for flu complications like pneumonia so that would be the rationale of the state of Colorado who issued this threat to hospital employees. But to take away a person’s job…. by state orders…seems a bit overboard.
Many people choose not to get flu vaccine each year. I am one of them and I get through flu season without getting sick. The only times I have gotten really sick during flu season were the two years I DID take the flu vaccine. There seemed to be a connection in my experience. I decided, after spending a week in bed and missing my job as school librarian (one that was nearly impossible for which to get a substitute teacher) that I would forego future flu vaccinations. The Principal called me up on day 3 of my illness asking if I couldn’t come back.
I was still running a fever and suffering from respiratory congestion but he still pleaded with me. Of course I could not go. That was a year I took the flu shot. All other years thereafter I did not submit to a flu vaccination and I never became ill during flu season in spite of plenty of exposure to it. I chose to use natural ways to boost my immune system and it worked for me….I still do that and I have been well for the last decade during flu season.
Taking a flu shot is no guarantee you will avoid the flu of that year; the shots given are made up of the viruses of past flus and they do not cover NEW varieties of flu viruses. It seems to be a SHOT IN THE DARK…..trying to protect people from largely unanticipated illnesses that can change from one year to the next. I do not care to play that kind of Russian Roulette with my body and my health.
Flu vaccines have caused deaths all by themselves in the past.
I have a very uncomfortable feeling about a state (Colorado) issuing such an edict: get a flu shot or lose your job (for hospital employees) It seems to signal encroaching socialist government ways of threatening people…as in getting fined if you do not sign up for the national healthcare debacle written by Pelosi/Reed and company at the national level.
The last time I checked—- Americans are still a free people under our magnificent consitution so carefully thought out and written by those wise early men in the new United States of American… who envisioned our freedom and liberty as long as the nation endured.
Taking the socialist/marxist path seems to guarantee failure as a nation. There is abundant evidence in socialist- governed countries around the world.
All we have to do is look at the wreckage of the former USSR and inspect what has happened in other European countries..Greece being the current prime example.

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Kay Syvrud

I am a retired elementary "schoolmarm"..I was a school librarian/media director for nearly 25 years before I retired in 2004. Naturally one of my fondest things is reading! I also love reading aloud to young children, something I did for so many years with amazing results; every child wants to read the same book as the teacher read!!!! I also am fond of my gardens...both flower beds and vegetable plots. I love being outdoors....mowing the lawn after my husband has done so with a big lawn tractor...I trim with my small power mower! I have a rain barrel to collect rainwater for plants! I have an old fashioned "pedal" bike I love to ride. I enjoy going to a Silver Sneakers class at a community center about 20 miles from my country home on what I call the "Buffalo Bluff" which overlooks the Buffalo River and its valley below. I LOVE to write and am working on a book for my grandkids so they will always know more about Grandma when she was still "kickin" and "had all her marbles"!!!!