JUST WAIT FIVE MINUTES!!! That is what a friend and former adult agriculture teacher used to say about the weather in MN and the Valley!!!!
Today’s blast is kind of fitting for that old adage that John used years ago.
Two days ago I turned on the A.C. because it got so hot….today I went out with bird food wearing my winter parka and fighting to stand up in the NW wind that was sweeping freely acrossd our front yard. I recall reading about the first (unprepared for the weather and the state of settlement) pioneers from a rural community in England (Yeovil) who came to this town and surrounding area in 1871. They had been sold “a bill of goods by a Congregational Minister in England who worked for the NP railroad to get settlers to come to the area.
They arrived in an April snowstorm and as many as had the money to do it..they left immediately and went back home or places far to the south of the Valley!
An April snowstorm would be a lot like today’s weather…an early October snow “event” which we get inevitably each Fall. I cannot remember an October without such a day. Those of us who are used to it adjust and get out the warmer clothes; I got out my royal blue with white polka dot flannel pajama pants and they feel wonderful today. I also broke out my winter parka when I went outside to dig a few fresh carrots for supper and also to feed the birdies.
THE JUNCOES ARE BACK! I love Juncoes and they have returned..the little ground feeders are so plump and pretty.
I poured birdfood on the deck today for them and they have been gratefully hopping around eating it all morning.
I am so glad they are back for the winter.
I wonder about the grosbeaks…the summer babies seem to be here yet although I have not seen any adults for nearly two months. Did the Mamas and the Papas leave their kids here? Do the babies not know how to migrate? Are they confirmed welfare birds so used to my feeders that they do not know how to find food…. other than what I give them? I wish I knew all those answers. I do not think grosbeaks are winter birds at all. Am I going to have to fix a grosbeak aviary in my basement for winter????? Whoa…..I am getting really stupid now. I thought of how my Dearly Beloved’s face would look if I tried to do that..create an indoor aviary…..oh my…. there would go 52 good years down the tube.
CHANGING THE SUBJECT: the Debate last night between Prez Obama and Mitt Romney.
Which Obama showed up? A beaten down little kid who looked like he was sitting in the Principal’s office getting punished? An arrogant man who thought he was too good to be on stage with a man he despises? (he does despise Romney..which is a pretty poor quality to have in a supposed Leader)
The present Liberals seem that way though..haters and disgruntled people who let their dislike of opponents get the best of them. How else does one explain the lunacy of Harry Reid and his lies and cheap shots?
Obama seemed passive and unprepared and looked down all the time with a petulant expression much of the time…how dare anyone challenge ME, THE GREAT SAVIOR AND DELIVERER OF ALL CIVILIZATION HERE AND IN THE UNIVERSE?
That was the impression I got.
Obama was the floor mop last night.
I wonder which Obama will show up next time. He was shouting and yelling on the campaign trail today–attacking Romney like there was no tomorrow.
Maybe the absence of the teleprompter last night discombobulated him..it is his FRIEND and CRUTCH and he could not use it in a debate format.
Michelle looked like she had been “drug through a knothole backward” after the debate ended. In contrast, Ann Romney and several of their sons and daughters in law and grandchildren got on stage with hugs and kisses for Dad and Grandpa.
I wonder how the 20th wedding anniversary date went after that performance by Barack?
He may have gotten a big serving of Hot Tongue and Cold Shoulder for dinner.

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