This morning on the “Morning Joe” TV program, Chris Matthews once again went off like a ripe peach being stomped on/ or an erupting volcano (take your pick).
The foul – mouthed Matthews— who has no problem launching untruthful, scurrilous attacks about Conservatives on his own show on MSNBC—- (ONE OF THE LOWEST RANKINGS ON CABLE NEWS SHOWS!!)— when Matthews erupted at Rience Preibus, the RNC national chairman over a not- so- funny- joke about his own Michigan birth certificate by Mitt Romney a few days ago. Every thinking person recognized that Romney WAS NOT making a joke about Barack Obama. Early on in his campaign Romney clearly said that those who were wasting time on “birther ” issues about Obama were totally wrong and out of line.
But then Liberals like Matthews— who are so adept and frequent at making their outrageous attacks on those they despise— are notoriously thin-skinned about anyone saying something that doesn’t even rise to the level of the stupid things they say about their “enemies”.
In 2008 Matthews had a huge leg problem over Barack Obama’s candidacy…he said (infamously and much mocked) that he “got chills running up and down his leg” from thinking about Barack Obama.
Now his leg problem is that he is
P- – ing his own leg over what he perceives as a terrible racial insult and a deliberate racial attack on President Obmama. It is not surprising because rabid Liberals like Matthews do this all the time if they think their “OX is being gored”..mind you, it is only their thin-skinned perception..almost a no-skinned perception!!! I am fairly sure that Matthew and his colleagues at MSNBC and other liberal cable channels are upset by the closeness and the rapid rise of the ticket led by Romney and Ryan. The polls are not saying what Libs want them to say and so they are pretty much freaked out by such happenings.
The hosts of the show and Tom Brokaw( a liberal himself but a REASONABLE one) said he agreeds with Priebeus’s response. Joe Scarborough and Miss Bryz—–I can’t spell her name but she is the daughter of a former sec. of state)
also intervened to try to get Matthews to shut up.
Nobody else really got a chance to say much because Matthews is, as always, so rude to anyone who causes him to P — his pantslegs.
The whole video and commentary is on the internet:
google this:

If you find Chris Matthew’s hysterical rants amusing like I do..this one is for you!!!!!

ADDITIONAL ARTICLE: you must also read John Hayward’s “Chris Matthews Goes Wild” It is a commentary worth reading!!!

MORE ADDITIONS: I have been thinking of all the terrible gaffes from Joe Biden and especially his saying in Virgina in a nearly all-black community
“They gonna put Y’all back in chains” referring to the possible change to a Republican administration.
Chris Matthews did not have a cow over that!!!!! I dounbt that he wet his legs or his pants about that racial remark.

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  1. Yowza, just watched the video. What do you suppose Romney meant when he said ‘at least I don’t have trouble with my birth certificate?’

  2. Mac I think that the rather unfunny serious Romney was attempting some light hearted humor…about himself.
    What do you suppose Joe Biden meant when he said in the city in Virginia that is nearly all black population: “they goona out you all back in chains?” Hmmmmmm?????

    1. Alright, I’ll give you that one; Romney doesn’t seem too comfortable making lighthearted wisecracks. Probably just not in his nature.

      Now Biden—there’s someone who should always count to ten before he speaks. 🙂

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