It has been months and months since I did a blog on Areavoices. Much has transpired since that last blog–including a broken ankle when I must have thought I could “fly like a bird” down the final four steps of one of our three flights of stairs in our home.
This could be the signal that a one story home with ALL THINGS on the one floor could be in the future. But after my ankle healed (June-July-August) I am confidently going upstair and downstairs again–although I know I am much more carfeful and much more aware of what a small fall can do.
Fortunately I needed no surgery to repair the break (just a one inch crack from bottom of fibula to the outer “bump” of the ankle bone.
(sing with me: “ankle bone connected to the leg bone, leg bone connected to the knee bone….etc. adnauseum)
I had a soft cast and a cute little orthopedic scooter for three weeks; a big black walking boot for 6 more weeks and finally an ankle brace for the final 3 weeks. Than I walked easily without any help from any “devices”.

We spent ZERO time in our home this summer; I was recuperating at one son’s home in south Fargo and my Dearly Beloved was in Florida where son # 3 moved in job,new home,new everything—- including living about 2 blocks from the mighty Atlantic shore at Palm Coast Florida. I traveled there in September but spent about 4 weeks being miserable with what I thought must be colitis. I got home on Oct 13 and the ailment was gone—instantly.

For the first time in decades I DID NOT HAVE A GARDEN…and my flower gardens looked sad and neglected…I have an enormous amount of pulling of old weeds to do in spring….all things considered and permitted. I will have passed my Diamond Jubilee birthday by then and things definitely slow down at my age. But I am grateful for every day I wake up and can put my feet on the floor and WALK downstairs once again.

I want to close with a great story told by Dr. John Munro who speaks on radio each weekday on BACK TO THE BIBLE on KFNW a.m. radio.
He told this story about 2 days before Thanksgiving Day.

A knock on the family’s door brought one of them to answer the knock. A very ragged, uswashed old man stood on the step holding a few limp garden vegetables in one hand. His eyes were glazed over— leading the family member to draw the conclusion that the man had been drinking heavily.
However something about the raggedy man told him that he should buy all the vegetables and give the man some money with which he could buy food for himself.
This led to almost daily calls at this particular home by the raggedy old man who sold vegetables. The family bought all the vegetables every day— even sneaking in some extra cash after they realized that the glazed eyes of the Old Man were from eye cataracts..he was nearly blind.
The family decided to gather as many items of clothing and outerwear and shoes and boots as they could and then packed all of it into a huge bag to bring to the old man’s very humble home…the family had learned where he lived in the interim time.
The old man was not at home when they knocked on his door with the large bag of clothing items meant for him. They did feel comfortable leaving the bag of clothing by the old man’s door to be found by himwhen he returned to his more-than-humble home.
A few days later he returned with his vegetables to sell —– and he had a huge , if somewhat toothless smile, on his face when he met one family member at their door.
He thanked them for bringing the big bag of clothing items to his home,

Then he shocked them by saying:

“I was so thankful I found some people who needed them”.

Dr. John Munro said that was a true example of being thankful….and being content with what you have.

It is a lesson that many of us in still-affluent America need to learn.
The recent orgy known as BLACK FRIDAY is just an example of the opposite attitude of the old man who sold limp garden vegetables door- to- door.
Our materialistic , aquisitive culture has people shopping on THANKSGIVING DAY— to say nothing of the Ballyhoo of BLACK FRIDAY. It is nice to remember someone with a small gift but this craziness and crass commercialism has ruined us.
That is one great example of my saying
BAH! HUMBUG! to blatant over- shopping at holiday seasons that is ruining family holidays year by year…more and more.

We had wonderfully simple Thanksgiving with the ones we love the most..and we are so grateful for it all…our sons and their families and the simplicity of all our lives.

We are content, indeed.


Received from a friend: OLD STYLE IN SULTS:

GB Shaw invited Winston Churchill to the opening of a new play: “Winston come to the opening night and bring a friend if you have one.”
Winston back to GB Shaw;
I can come to the second night—–IF THERE IS ONE”

2, I just learned avout his(?)illness. Let’s hope it is nothing trivial. illness (Irvin Cobb)

3.Oscar Wilde about someone: “He has no enemies but he is despised by his friends”

:He loves Nature in spite of what it did to him”
(Forrest Tucker)

“Why do sit there looking like an envelope without an address?”
Mark Twain to someone)

He has Van Gogh’s ear for music”
(Billy Wilder)

:His mother should have kept the stork and thrown him away”
Mae West

“He uses statistics as a drunken uses a lamppost for support rather than illumination>
(Andrew Lang, 1844-1912)

He has never been known to use a word that sends his readers to a dictionary”
Wm Faulkner about Ernest Heming

I have never killed a man but I have read several obituaries with great pleasure. (Clarence Darrow)

A member of Parliament during one of the tenures of Benjamin Disraeli:

“Sir you will either die on the gallows or of some unspeakable disease.”
Disraeli reply)

That depends whether you embrace my policies or your Mistress”


A post from a proud and eager “gramma” on the final game of ND Class
A- Girls’ Soccer being played in Fargo ND:
My darling girl…Kara Syvrud.. is a senior on the Shanley Deacons’ Girls soccer team.
Shanley won their game tonight(
Friday May31 2013) Now for the third third year in a row, The Deacon girls will play off against the Bismarck “Century” girls for the state class A championship on Saturday night May 25.
Two years ago….. Century won the title in a “shoot out” after two overtimes Last year (2012) The Deacons won in another shootout after two over times. ‘Tomorrow night’s championship game features the Deacon girls and the Bismarck Century Pariots…….again!
I love you Kara,my darling girl….for 18 years! May the Deacons triumph in 2013.


I really enjoy reading what people who play with words can do. I got a new one from a friend and it gave me wordplay fun and frolic!
Here it is:

<< I changed my IPod name to Titanic. It is syncing now. << I tried to catch some fog. I mist. << When chemists die they barium. << Jokes about German sausage are the wurst. << A soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is a seasoned veteran. << I know a guy who is addicted to drinking brake fluid. He says he can stop any time. <


I spend some time each weekend on what I call my “homework” There are two of us (both women who are retired and almost Golden Agers— who do the proof reading for two hometown newspapers each week )
We take homework on Fridays so we can get it read by Monday mornings when the two newsppwers have to be published before noon or earlier.
Today as I did my fairly routine reading of the news copy. I was nearly flattened by what is no doubt a “typo” but it is one of those that could make it into the old Readers’ Digest section called “Pardon Your Slip Is Showing”

Here is an item from a “journey back” column which consists of news items from years ago in increments of ten years at a time. This one came from 70 years ago (1943) during WW 2 when there were a lot of government requirements for rationing of foodstuffs and other goods.

“Registration is underway for War Rationing Book #2. Every housewife must list all commercially processed foods in containers of 8 ounces or more that she has in her panty. She should list all cans, bottles, packages , boxes, or jars of vegetables, fruit juices, catsup, chile, and baby foods whether dry or liquid or frozen before she goes to the schoolhouse to register .”


Two other items in the Journey Back columns were interersting in a historial context.


“—–Brothers (name of a town hardware store) have erected a 30 foot television tower on their roof and will soon have several makes of television sets for sale.”
(Television came into our area in the summer of 1953 when people gathered in front of hardware store windows to watch the fascinating new thing called television through the plate glass windows at 5 p.m. til 6b p.m. when Television went off the air for the day.)

And going further back in history of home entertainment:

January 26, 1923

“Our people are gathering in business places where they have radio sets and loud speakers and are entertained like they never have been before. They can tune into Montreal, Canada, New York , Chicago and Kansas. We are living in an age of advancement.”

I wonder what the modern day folks who have all the high tech bells and whistles on cell phones and other amazing electronic devices would make of such goings on? Sitting in a business place to hear a radio broadcast which was new to the world at the time?? How archaic can it get??


I have always been fascinated by the words “Dog Days” which refers to that part of summer between July 24 and August 24..according to the ancient Romans. Dog Days originated due to the Dog Star “Sirius”— which must have prominently appeared at that time of summer. It has come to mean the sultry hot days of late summer..when dogs (real ones) seek relief from the heat by doing doggie things like digging holes in dirt–often in their Mistresses’s flower gardens in order to stay cool.
I have thought about how these days could be Polar Bear Days…cold and white….frigid nights and mornings, fields covered by white snow– whiter than even a polar bear’s coat which looks a bit yellow-ish when you see colored photos of polar bears.
These bears are one of the largest land mammals..although they also spend a lot of time swimming in arctic seas even at the coldest times of winter. Polar bears are carnivores exclusively, feeding on seals and walrus carcases and whale carcases as well.
Polar bears have special hollow hairs and an extra layer of fat under their skin which helps them conserve heat, Their skin is also black under that white fur which absorbs sun light better than pink skin.The only part of their black skin that shows is their black noses.
They go into hibernation at the beginning of the arctic winter (October) and stay there til February or March when even the Arctic regions begin to warm up a bit. They usually emerge from their dens (often snow caves) with new born cubs….usually two of them. Actually the cubs are a few months old because they are born as tiny things and do their growing in the snow cave after they are born.. drinking the rich milk from their mothers, so that by the time they emerge with their mothers they are bigger and somewhat independent.
Polar bears have been known to go ashore in northern Canada especially in the town/city of Churchill on the southern end of Hudson’s Bay. The huge bears often terrorize Churchill residents because they are in search of food, often ransacking garbage cans or garbage dumps.
So how can humans spend Polar Bear Days?
Hibernate inside your house(your den); enter a cave on your couch under soft warm blankets. Even though real Polar Bears do not read..human polar bears can pass time reading books…novels or good nonfiction. Polar bears can go a long time with no food…there the similarity to human polar bears ends..most hibernatinbg humans have a need for more food..maybe out of boredom..maybe out of a need to eat more calories in the cold time of polar bear days. (you can lose extra weight during Dog Days in July and August when it is so hot and muggy you do not feel like eating much…but drink lots of water!!)
A word of warning to human polar bears in February….do NOT go rummaging in neighbors’ garbage cans or in landfills near you… sensible and eat meat or fish!
Whatever you do..female Polar not give birth to twins on your sofa while you are sleeping….it would be a terrible shock to wake up to such an occurence!!


It has been such a joy to be grandparents for over 23 years already.
We do not have little ones any longer as all of them are either young adults or are approaching young adulthood at age 15 and 16..those are the two that we used to refer to as “the baby boys” for a long time.
Now both of the youngest boys are playing basketball this winter with either a 9th grade team or a junior varsity team.
We cannot get to all the games especially for one young man who lives a bit too far from us for us to get to see his games— but we keep track of them and are happy that the team ( a first year one at a Christian elementary and high school) is doing so well. The most important thing about a team sport like basketball is for the ones playing to have a good time and a good learning experience. I do not like it when parents or coaches get too much “into” winning all games..but that is unavoidable in too many American school teams. (I have observed).
We got in on three 9th grade tournament games this weekend starting Thursday when our Fargo grandson’s team won the first round in their tournament play. On Saturday (a long day for us grandparents) —we saw two games and both of them were won by our grandson’s team as well. It was amazing to feel myself so “drawn into” the games that were played at both Shanley High School and the new Davies High School..both in far south Fargo and both very new school faciities. The growth of Fargo and its neighboring cities is ongoing at rapid rates and one of the teams in the 9th grade tournament was from the new West Fargo High School named “Sheyenne…the Mustangs”. Just as Fargo South had to be divided up with the addition of Davies HS so the huge growth in southern West Fargo has made it necessary for the new Sheyenne High School to be added to the school’s system.
Ninth grade boys remain the same as in all generations, though….some are tall (over 6 feet ) and many others are not done growing yet. All of them have skills and enthusiasm to contribute to their teams and that is what makes watching their games so enjoyable.
They are still very much “in process” and are working hard to develop even better skills. Their coaches encourage them..I did not see one angry aggressive coach in this tourney (I was not at all the games so I might have missed some “fireworks”).
I really hope for all boys who play basketball (or other sports) that they have patience and encouragement from both their families and their coaches….that is one quality that I have found in my grandson’s basketball experience.
He has played since third grade with the team of boys who are on the now-9th grade team. They play together so well and so unselfishly…no showboating..this has been learned by coaching from good men who are more concerned about the good of the boys than they are of “using young men” to satfify an urge to win at all costs.
That is not a good characteristic of adults who lead young boys and men on their teams. Our grandson has had the wonderful fortune of being coached by encouragers instead of highly charged criticizers.
I only wish that all boys could have that sort of experience in sports in our schools and in other independent venues.
I know of two tuckered- out grandparents, today, who really had a great time at the 9th grade tournament for eastern ND teams this weekend. It was worth getting tuckered out!

“CEMETERY JOHN”: startling story about an 81 year old kidnapping

I just finished reading a nonfiction book titled “CEMETERY JOHN: The Undiscovered Mastermind Of The Lindbergh Kidnapping.”
On March 1, 1932 the 20 month old son of Col.Charles Lindbergh and his wife Anne Morrow Lindbergh was taken from his upstairs bedroom while he slept in his crib. It became known as “The Crime of the Century” and later, “The Trial of the Century” when a man named Bruno Richard Hauptmann was tried and convicted of the kidnap/murder of Charlie Lindbergh. The baby’s father , Charlles Lindbergh, was a national hero at the time after he became the first aviator to cross the Atlantic Ocean (non-stop) in May of 1927. Charles Lindbergh was celebrated all over the world for his feat of crossing the ocean from New York to Paris in that flight in his small plane, “The Spirit Of St.Louis”
( I saw that small aircraft hanging in the main aviation room of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. in 1985 and was amazed at its small size and seeming frailty.)
In 1932 the United States was in the depths of economic depression and a rash of kidnappings had occurred …by criminals hoping to make money by collecting ransom money from the rich parents of the children who were kidnapped. But the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby was not like other kidnappings….the kidnapper(s) demanded 50 thousand dollars in ransom money and Charlie Lindbergh Jr. was the son of the most famous couple in the United States.
A wooden ladder was found at the scene of the kidnapping and had been used to bring the baby out of the house in a dangerous climb down a rickety wooden ladder that was obviously home made by the perpetrator. There were two sets of footprints leading away from the Lindbergh house to a small secluded road behind the house.
The search for the kidnappers was conducted mainly by the New Jersey State police although the newly founded FBI with a young J. Edgar Hoover at its head got involved somewhat— but the main work of pursuing the kidnappers was done by the state of New Jersey.
The NJ state police dismissed Hoover as an “amateur” and did not want his new organization involved at all.
Several ransom notes were sent after the first one was found on the windowsill of the baby’s room. The writing was badly misspelled had been written by someone who did not have command of the English language and many German language words and expressions were used in the notes.
Eventually a go-between named John Condon met the shadowy person who called himself “John” at a cemetery in the Bronx burrough of New York City. Two meetings with the man during dark hours led to the delivery of the ransom money–bills that had been marked for identity when they were used. John Condon did see enough of the man’s face to know the shape of it and a few other features.
The baby was not returned (several wild goose chases in an airplane searching for a boat off the coast of New York were of course unsuccessful after the ransom note said the baby was being held on a “gud bote” The mystery of what happened to Charlie Lindbergh did not become known until months later when the baby’s badly decomposed body was found just off the secluded road on the Lindbergh property. It had been tossed into the woods in a burlap bag probably within a short time after the baby was snatched from his crib. He had been dead throughout the entire process of ransom notes and negotiations for his return. The horror of the discovery of Charlie’s body shocked Americans to the core….the entire nation was absorbed in the kidnapping and its aftermath.
Col. Lindbergh was portrayed as being a man of emotional steel..never giving a hint of his grief even after his baby’s body was found and he was one of those who identified it wiht no emotion at all..along with the baby’s nurse Betty Gow . Apparently Lindbergh was a man who kept all his feelings tightly controlled..a characteristic of his entire life..learned from his Swedish American father and grandfather (of Little Falls, MN.) Anne Morrow Lindbergh was a woman who could not contain her mother’s grief although she felt she had to for her husband….a mystifying thing to us in this time and place. Anne never really recovered from Charlie’s death and gave vent to her grief in her writing..letters, diaries and a book titled HOUR OF GOLD, HOUROF LEAD .
Eventually after much investigation and amazing detective work for that era, a German immigrant, Bruno Richard Hauptmann was captured and charged with kidnapping and murder and stood trial and was convicted and sentenced to death in the electric chair. He was executed for the crime shortly after the trial ended.
The account of Hauptmann’s trial is disturbing because the state of New Jersey was so eager to bring the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby to a satisfactory close. But the facts of the trial are highly disturbing due to many miscarriages of justice regarding Hauptmann. Lies were told by one of the key witnesses (John Condon) to accomodate the Prosecutoin’s case. Condon was the onlhy person to have seen the man called Cemetery John and Condon when seeing a lineup in the prison where Hauptmann was kept did NOT identify Hauptmann as Cemetery fact Condon said at that time that the man was NOT in the lineup at all. He changed his testimony at the trial and outright lied about it…to appease the Prosecution. Even though Hauptmann was a part of the kidnap conspiracy he was not the only one involved and could not have been just on the two sets of footprints evidence at the crime scene.
It is a hard part of the book to read because of the lies and the badly prosecuted case along with a very bad defense for Hauptmann as well.
Now many years after the kidnapping and death of the baby, Robert Zorn has personally investigated the 1932 crime and come up with amazing conclusions that totally differ with the one-kidnapper theory that sent Hauptmann to his death.
Robert Zorn’s father, Gene Zorn, told his son a true tale of going to an amusement park with a neighbor named John Knoll when Gene was only about 15 years old. His friendship with Knoll centered around a mutual stamp collecting hobby. But at the amusement park, Gene Zorn saw 3 men— including John Knoll talking (In German) a long time and recognized the word “Englewood” which was where the Lindbergh home was and the place where baby Charlie was kidnapped. Strangely that day, John Knoll told Gene Zorn to go back to the Bronx by himself..something he was not prepared to do but he had to find his way back to that borrough by himself.
Many years later when Gene Zorn was an adult, he made a connection to that day and suspected the Knoll brothers..John and Walter of being “in on” the kidnapping plot with Bruno Hauptmann.
Robert Zorn (Gene’s son) carried on his father’s investigation after his father’s death and came up with incredible connections of the Knoll brothers with Bruno Hauptmann. The ransom notes at the time of the kidnapping stated that the plot had been in process for over a year’s time.
One has to read the book to follow the complicated paths to Robert Zorn believing that he knew how the kidnapping was carried out by the three German immigrants on the night of March 1, 1932. He traced what he was sure happened that night and concluded that Hauptmann entered the house by the unlocked front doow and crept up the stairs in stocking feet and got the sleeping baby out of the crib where he handed Charlie off to a waiting John Knoll who was at the top of the wooden ladder by the baby’s bedroom window. Walter Knoll was on the ground trying to steady the wooden ladder (which has been built by carpenter Bruno Hauptmann)
Knoll could not hold on to the 30 pound baby and dropped him so the baby’s skull was fractured in the 10 foot or more fall off the ladder. Charlie Lindbergh was dead or dying a few minutes after his kidnapping. Hauptmann went back downstairs without being detected andd followed the Knoll brothers to the car on the secluded road. The kidnappers heartlessly threw the baby who was inside a burlap sack, into the edge of the roof where his body was found many weeks later by two truck drivers who thought is was an animal skeleton they were seeing. It was what was left of Charlie Lindberg whose body had been scavenged by animals so that part of one arm and parft one leg were completely missing. His golden curly hair was the identifying factor for the body of the baby. With no DNA evidence yet available, Charlie’s hair was compared with curls his grandmother Betty Morrow had saved…and thus was he identified after long weeks lying atop the ground in the woods.
Zorn’s book and the amazing detective work done many decades after the 1932 kidnapping and the execution of one man who was definitely identified as a kidnapper by the marked money bills in his possession and evidence of his building the ladder by analysis of the wood used in it. But two conspirators went free and lived lives years after the crime. John Knoll whom Zorn was certain was the Planner and Mastermind of the kidnapping lived a long life..travelling back and forth to Germany and the U.S. several times.
Robert Zorn was also convinced that it was John Knoll who was the man who came to be known as “Cemetery John” after he inadvertently admitted to his name being “John” when he met with John Condon in the Bronz cemetery on two occasions during the negotiations for the ransom money and the return of the baby..which could not happen because Charlie Lindbergh died on the night he was taken from his home.
The book is absolutely fascinating as well as a masterpiece of detection and non fiction.
One comes to the conclusion that justice was not done in the Lindbergh kidnapping case and two of the kidnappers went scott-free with only Bruno Hauptmann executed for the crime.
The Lindberghs had other children—Anne was already pregnant with Jon when the kidnapping of Charlie took place; they also had Land, Anne, Scott and Reeve who is an author at the present toime of some very good childrens’s books. Anne Morrow Lindbergh lived til she was 94 years old but Col. Lindbergh died at age 74 and was cremated on the island of Hawaii. Col. Lindbergh also had Charlie’s body cremated and the ashes were scattered over the Atlantic by his father flying a plane alone just as he had done in his famous cross- Atlantic flight.


I have been drawn to comparing two murderous violent incidents…one just this past week (Christopher Dorn, the former LAPD officer) and one 30 years ago (Gordon Kahl of North Dakota..a tax protestor and tax evader).
Dorn led law enforcement on a chase after he killed two police officers and the daughter of a police officer and her fiance. He fled into wilderness in the San Bernadino Mountains of southern California. He was tracked and pursued..even was thought to have escaped completely into Mexico …until yesterday when he was flushed from one mountain home after holding two women hostage. Then he stole a car and attempted to get away but was back into another cabin (after confronting law enforcement personnel) where he died in a firefight (killing another law enforcement officer in the process) and a fire was probably set by the law officers who were determined to put a stop to his murderous rampage The charred remains of a body will soon be indentified; his California drivers’ license was found in the ashes also.
CONTRAST: 1983: Gordon Kahl and several other of his followers were stopped north of Medina, ND by a roadblock set up by US Marshals Ken Muir and Robert Cheshire, assisted by other federal officers and some local police from Medina. A firefight broke out at that road block when Kahl, his son Yori and Scott Faul opened fire on the Marshals and the others.
Both Marshals were killed and Yori Kahl was wounded badly. There were some other injuries to law enforcement people as well. Gordon Kahl fled in a “borrowed car” and was pursued for weeks by law officers in the midwestern states clear down to Texas and Arkansas..known refuges for Kahl who had many people willing to help and protect him. Kahl was located at a mountain site in Arkansas in June 1983 and was involved in a final firefight where Kahl and the deputy who approached him inside a mountain cabin were shot ..probably killing each other simultaneously. A fire broke out at that cabin also and Kahl’s charred body was identified later.
It is curious how the circumstances in both pursuits of criminals with both of them being in a fire that would have caused their deaths without any gunfire. Incidents 30 years apart.
It is strange to think about the many similarities in both mens’ demises.
The definitive book on the Kahl case was written by James Corcoran who was a native of Casselton, ND and was a FORUM reporter in 1983. ( BITTER HARVEST by J. Corcoran)
I would make a prediction that there will be a definitive book written about Christopher Dorn also.
Both Dorn and Kahl did not want to be taken alive and neither one was.
Another intesting feature of both stories is that both had supporters who cheered them on as they fled from law enforcement. There were hero- songs written about Gordon Kahl that were played on many radio stations; a movie was made about Kahl in 1991 IN THE LINE OF DUTY: MANHUNT IN THE DAKOTAS which was based on Corcoran’s book.
The social media which did not exist at Kahl’s time has been full of encouragement for Dorn by the many who showed support for him and his situation.
We can expect to hear songs about Dorn and no doubt a movie made sooner than later probably before all the facts are in place.
Such is modern American culture….criminals can be big heros to a segment of the population.

** Yori Kahl and Scott Faul are serving life sentences in federal prisons…one in Indiana and another in Minnesota.


Since the National Prayer Breakfast a few days ago…. (which is videotaped routinely)..the 26 minute guest speech by Dr. Ben Carson….of Johns Hopkins hospital’s pediatric surgery..has gone viral on Youtube and elsewhere. Dr. Carson has been interviewed multiple times by news outlets and articles about his speech and his career and family background are also going viral.
Dr.Carson spoke out about issues that
Americans have been concerned about for quite some time…including the impact of national healthcare (known as Obamacare).
Dr. Carson boldly shared his own views on Obamacare, the national debt and deficit, and the moral decay of our nation. Anyone who has seen the tape or heard his interviews knows very well that he is a strong Believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and all New Testament born- again believers. His expressions of his strong faith would be expected at the National Prayer breakfast but to hear some who were stunned by Dr. Carson’s speech, you would think that he was committing the gravest of offenses by actually speaking about spiritual qualities at a PRAYER breafast.
Leftist Liberals have gone bonkers over Dr Carson’s speech. I have heard more than one bona fide Liberal say that Dr. Carson “should not have said those things in front of the President”.
This goes to show how Liberals are willing to suspend the First Amendment rights of both freedom of speech for those who do not agree with their views —and freedom of religious expression if anything “offends” “President Thin-Skin” whose life motto is “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY. We have heard this LIberal song and dance over and over in the past 4 years.
Liberals had no quarrel with the insults, calls to kill past Republican presidents at rallies by the Leftists(recall the videos of Pres Bush 43 being hanged or set fire to via realistic Bush effigies). President Bush 41 and Ronald Reagan were subjected to the vilest of insults and accusations of being too stupid to know how to tie their own shoes. Those remarks did not bring any howls of protest from the Libs who participated in it gleefully.
But when “their” Obama has to sit through a speech that obviously bothered him, Libs go ballistic. Hypocrisy reigns as usual. If all the terrible insults toward Conservative leaders could be replyed in one long series it would take hours or maybe days…. to watch and listen.
Dr. Ben Carson has triggered an uprising of approval because he spoke about issues that have been on at least half of America’s mind….certainly not on the minds of the Dependent and Helpless ones who feed at the Government troughs in counties, states and the nation…and who made sure that the President was re-elected in whatever way it took..but only by a 51-49 percent margin. That is NO MANDATE!
There are still half of Americans who see things in the same way as Dr. Carson.
His life story is inspiring. He grew up as the son of a single mother (who divorced his father when she learned of his Bigamy). Carson and his brother were fortunate to have such a strong parent…their Mother made them take responsibility and she never took the welfare road..she worked as a Domestic for years and managed to support her sons and instill in them a strong ethic of work, study, and reading…and of academic accomplishment.
She controlled the television set to only include 2 hours or so per week..otherwise her sons were reading books and writing book reports for her (which she could not read but they did not know it!)
I find it amazing and inspiring to hear Dr. Carson describe his childhood years with his strong and determined mother who would not let her sons sink into the morass they observed among other children in the school and neighborhood.
Dr. Carson’s amazing testimoney in his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast has fired a new zeal among Americans who agree with him.